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Hildegarda Horínková

Hildegarda Horínková

Life is a change

There is only so little guaranties in everyone’s life. One of them is that life is a change. A constant change. Whether we like it or not, whether we choose it or not, whether we fight it or embrace it….change will always find us.

Some changes enters our lives with a big Bang, leaving us speechless, while some sneak in very slowly, day by day, and only when glancing back later on, we can see how our trajectory has changed.

When you are trying to avoid changes, you are trying to stop life in its own flow. What happens? It will make you feel tired, worn out, and the moment when you have no more power to resist, it will swipe you off and throw you on rocks of your denial. However, when you accept the change, it is like you standing on a surfing board, riding the waves of upcoming changes.

If you are thinking too much about “old good times” and you are finding yourself comparing your current life to what it used to be, do yourself a favor and stop. Today is nothing like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different again. The outside world, the weather, or your feelings…. everything changes, everything evolves.

Changes are our teachers. Changes are our opportunities to refound and reshape ourselves. Every change is a challenge. Easy or difficult, that is up to you, how you perceive the event triggering the change, and how you decide to deal with it.

In life we can not choose what changes are going to come upon us. Our power lies in being able to decide, how we are responding to them.

When life presents itself with a new challenge, we are often more scared of a journey towards this change, rather than the change itself ( maybe you recognize yourself here a little?). Losing a job which you did not like for years could mean a step closer to a new, more satisfying work, yet many of us get struck at beginning with questions to which we don‘t know the answer yet, causing us to freak out, and losing our precious energy by thinking within rather limiting believes and scarcity.

Well, believe it or not, in life is nothing happening to us, but everything happening for us.

It took my a while to really live by this sentence (I can not preach what I personally don’t believe to, right?) and it caused a massive change in my mindset. Looking back, I can say, that every change till now, regardless of how negative and hard it was looking at beginning (to name just few: my divorce, later moving abroad and becoming a single mum) made me a more conscious and aware of myself, stronger and authentic.

So dear life, thank you for bombarding me with some crazy most unpredictable bombshells till now, and I am sure you have some to drop on.

If you want to live your life better, more enjoyable and with more lightness, release any resistance and believe, that changes can (and are) creating positive outcomes. Next time, when a change will be causing you discomfort or worries, just pause for a while and tell yourself : “…. it is happening for me! “

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Hildegarda Horínková

Hildegarda Horínková

I am a compassionate woman enjoying this journey called life, with all its ups and downs.
As a life coach, I am very passionate about psychological and physical well being, and thanks to being perfectly imperfect human, my own journey taught me a lot.

I am a mom of one, with interest in running, recycling and spirituality. Bachata music gets me started better than coffee and I love sunsets.

I work with amazing women – those, who want to elevate their lives.

I am a psychology graduate, currently in a training to become a licensed couple therapist. With a pinch of my Personal Trainer knowledge and drizzle of spirituality I offer my clients a holistic approach to support them in meeting their own best version.


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